Monday, January 26, 2009

Taking on the Ox!

"January 26, 2009 marks Chinese New Year, and also the beginning of the Year of the Earth Ox in Chinese Astrology. The Chinese sign of the Ox evokes stability and dependability. The Ox is a practical work animal, while the Earth element is steady and firm. Together, they create a kind of plodding energy that can be exasperating. "

That's how the "experts" are summing up the change in the Chinese New Year. Exasperating, plodding energy? Check and check. But here's where it gets worrisome...

"Creative professionals may have a lean year in 2009. Actors, journalists, writers, models and dancers will have to work extra hard to find jobs, as such work seems superfluous to the ultra-practical Earth Ox."

Smells like trouble for a writer like me. I'd like to think of us creative types as the glue holding this frazzled country together. A visit to the movies offers a welcome respite from the chaos of real life. And could you imagine the last couple of weeks without our dear journalists???

Superfluous? I don't think so. So fellow wordies and grammar geeks unite--here's to showing the Earth Ox a thing or two!

On a side note, the Chinese gender predictor (based on the Chinese Lunar calendar) said I would have boys both times. And so far, two girls. So maybe it isn't totally scientific.