Sunday, January 4, 2009

Crazy Christmas!

I know, this post is really belated. But things around here have been VERY busy. We plowed through the Holidays, full steam ahead, even amongst dueling illnesses and daycare drama. And we went on Abby's maiden voyage in the motorhome for the long New Year's weekend. Which we will not be doing again anytime soon, she is way to wiggly to be trapped in a motorhome in the desert all the time.

But all in all, it was a fantastic time. And I am REALLY sad to announce that there might not be many posts in the near future. My camera has died, and our kick you-know-what video camera has also somehow kicked the bucket. I can still count on the Brashear stalkerazzi to record Abby's every move, it's just harder to get the pics onto my laptop and onto this blog. But check back once in a while. I promise to fix the camera situashe ASAP.

Here are some pictures of little Abby's first Christmas present--she's opening it with Grandpa Bob.
Here's a picture of the pure-blood De Jongs. Remember, if it ain't Dutch, it ain't much! That's Abby's Great Grandma Bernice (Beppa) and Grandpa Bob, Daddy Rob, Auntie Kim and her cousins Mason and Grant.

Here's a little walker-thingy that Abby got from, ehm, Santa. Since she's been toddling around, it is perfect for her to practice. But she still needs a little help now and then. She hasn't figured out that it's easier to walk if you aren't on your tippy toes all the time.

For good measure, I thought that I would throw in a picture of Abby from Halloween that never made it onto the blog. Rob, Abby and I went to "Boo at the Zoo" here at the Santa Ana Zoo. Abby had a great time, but Rob and I were sorta bummed that there weren't any actual animals to be found. I guess it's just trick-or-treating for the little ones.

This picture was from Abby's first carosel ride...