Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Happy 9 months, little one!


It's official! You've now been on the "outside" for longer than you were on the "inside!" In the last month, your hair has started to really sprout. And you can walk and take some steps when you hang on to stuff. And perhaps the most adorable talent is your babbling and newfound excitement for trying out the English language. Or whatever language it is that you speak. I love the words that are interrupted by a quick raspberry or the ones with no vowels at all.

I love you and I love the incredible little person that you become more each day. You are going to make a great big sister!



For the rest of you...here are some pictures from our first-ever Christmas portrait photo shoot. You'll see a few of these on our Christmas card, but here's a sneak peek. Thanks Uncle Chris, Auntie Masha and everybody else that helped Abby to smile!