Monday, October 6, 2008

A Halloween Nightmare

Although I have a few hand-me-down options, I have been on the hunt for a cute Halloween costume for Abby. I recognize that it is ridiculous, since she won’t even remember this one, but it’s still fun to have my very own dress-up doll that isn’t our pug Gordie.

I thought I’d share some of the hilarious, but mostly inappropriate, baby Halloween costumes I’ve come across on the web. I’ve organized them in descending order, from cute to totally absurd. Truth be told, the Star Wars one is the only one that seems acceptable (for safety, among other reasons) to me:

Love the felt wig!

I can't imagine this is comfy!

This is supposed to be a chick--looks more like a pinata to me!

Hey, baby! Your buns are showing!

Can you say suffocation hazard?

This is just mean.

Someone get CPS on the horn.

And the prize for the WORST baby Halloween costume goes to the PIMP! I mean, really? That is so bad that it’s funny!


Kelly Preston said...

this is john's dream. . . A pizza baby!