Sunday, September 28, 2008

Big Times in Big Bear

So the fam went up to Big Bear this weekend for a lil' R&R. It was a blast. Grandpa Bob, Grandpa Pat and Rob rode dirtbikes and relived Grandpa Pat's childhood. And us womenfolk just hung out and took it easy. Rob and I even had a date! We went to dinner and a movie and Abby stayed with the Grandparents. And two big things happened while we were up there:

1. Abby crawled! Only a little bit, but it was still really fantastic!

2. On the way down the mountain today, she held her own bottle! For anyone who doesn't have kids, it is seriously a miracle and a time-freer-upper that she can feed herself (sorta.)

But here comes the shocker--out of the WHOLE group, nobody had a camera. Alas, the event wasn't documented with film. But I did have this cute pic of Abby from a chilly night at the OC Fair. Nobody has to know it wasn't from this weekend (it will be our little secret.)

P.S. Don't worry, our little one wasn't out in the cold. And she's feeling MUCH better:)