Saturday, October 18, 2008

Cirque de Baby

All of the baby books say that each child is an individual, and to remember that each child develops at his/her own pace. In Abby's case, she has done some pretty strange things since she's become more mobile. It all started with the Super Abby (see previous post). Then, even before she could pull herself up on all fours, she did the "downward facing dog" yoga pose, where she did a headstand in the front, while standing on her legs. She still does that for at least 10 minutes each night as I put her in the crib. I like to think of it as her "cool down" exercises since she's so active all day. (Note: that's the one I really wanted to capture on film, but she gets VERY excited when she sees the camera so I can't risk whipping it out at bedtime. She'd never go down.) Now, she can sit up if she supports herself with one hand. But sometimes she only gets halfway there and ends up in this swimsuit model pose:
It is so GREAT that she's become more self entertaining. Her babysitter says that she can even hold her own bottle on a regular basis, although she won't do it around me. What a phony bologna.


Jessica said...

Must see that baby! What ya doing this Sunday? Lunch? Dinner? Lunch and dinner??? Call me.