Sunday, December 13, 2009

It's beginning to look a lot like...

...the terrible twos! At 20 months, Abby is diving head-first into her terrible twos. My wonderful brother and his wife took our Christmas photos this year. I know, it was silly of me to think that we could get ONE SHOT with everyone seated pleasantly and looking into the camera.

Abby was in rare form--refusing to be held, to smile, or wear the CUTE headband her mother got her. Even the holy grail of bribes--fruit snacks--didn't work. The pictures were so bad that I actually considered sending a Christmas card, using the image below with the caption "May the joy and happiness of the Christmas Season be with you all year." I thought it was funny, Rob not so much.
As usual, sweet Ellie was totally agreeable. Here's one that almost made it, of course Ellie looks weird.

This is what we'll probably use. It isn't my favorite, but at least Abby isn't yelling/crying/ noodling.