Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Some People Knit, Some People Golf...

I have an old saying, "Some people knit, some people golf. I judge." It's my hobby of sorts, and I'm not ashamed to admit it.

Now, I know that some of you out there will be horrified by this. But the truth is, we all do it--whether you admit it or not. I don't think that I am better than anyone else. I am far from perfect, and I think it can be a relief to realize that NOBODY else is either. I don't do it out of malice, it's just a fun distraction to the daily grind.

I thought that it would be fun to do a new feature here about my favorite past time. Don't worry, names will be changed to protect the innocent. Ladies and gentlemen, I present to you the first installment of "Some People Knit, Some People Golf."

This morning, I saw a lady at work wearing a black turtleneck and black faded mom jeans. Not my style, but the judging hadn't started yet. Over the turtleneck, she wore a SPARKLY vest covered with glittery pumpkins. And if that weren't enough, she was wearing light up jack-o-lantern earrings, with their beady little eyes glaring red.

I am all for being festive. But this was way too much. Let's hope that she works in a patient care area and dressed like that to amuse the children. That's about the only justification I can think of. I don't want to upset my teacher friends (and mom) because I am pretty sure that ya'll are the #1 purchaser of festivewear (my made-up word) like this.
What's the worst festivewear you've seen so far this season?

(As you can see, I am getting pretty good at typing sans index finger.)


*THE Disneyland Mom* said...

OMG! You are AWESOME! I yelled out loud when I saw the title of this post. You had me at, "Some People Knit..." I heart you! My doctor has put me on house arrest (too sick to go out) so unfortunately, I have not been out with the general public to judge the festivewear of others. :(

Kelly Preston said...

Um . . . . halloween decorated scrubs. Especially with snoopy dressed up for trick-or-treating as a skeleton. When you are a patient dying of cancer you def. don't want to look at snoopy halloween gear. Or at least I wouldn't.

Anonymous said...

Don't feel bad. I judge too. It's hard to keep it in.