Wednesday, November 19, 2008

A More Personal Post

Abby turned eight months old on Sunday. And it just got me thinking about how much things have changed over the last year and what a journey it’s been for our little family. From pretty early on in my pregnancy with Abby, I had serious complications. In fact, at one point in the beginning, a doctor told me to just go home, stay in bed, relax (yeah, right) and wait for the inevitable miscarriage. In her true-grit style, Abby fought her way into this world, and into my heart.

According to the “Church of Orpah,” as Rob calls it, every experince we have here on earth is meant to teach us something. And I could write volumes on what I’ve learned from this little 19 (yes, 19) pound meatloaf in the last eight months, and the nine months before that. But I’ll keep it short:

1. No matter how hard I try, I am not in control of ANYTHING. And it really is much easier if you can let go and trust in God.

2. Germs are inevitable. There just simply isn’t enough Purell in theworld…

3. I never thought I was capable of such deep and unselfsish love.

4. I really do wonder what I did with all of my time before I had her. And who knew that I celebrate going to bed at 9 pm?

5. I respect my parents and love them in an entirely new way. I am my mom’s Abby! (That didn’t make much sense, but you know what I mean)

6. Who’d have ever thought that I would be so interested in poop??!!??

Abby has really opened my eyes and deepened my connection to my job at CHOC. And I kiss her everyday when I pick her up from daycare and tell her how grateful I am that she is in my life—and that she’s healthy and thriving. Talk about perspective.


Aaron & Sarah Ireland said...

congrats to the many thankless wonderful joys of motherhood.